Trusting Tomorrow by P.J. Trebelhorn

August 21, 2013 Contemporary, Reviews 0

Trusting Tomorrow by PJ Trebelhorn book cover. Top half of the cover has a rose and diamond ring laying on top of stationery that has "In Memoriam" written on it. Bottom half has the title written in white over a red background.*Parts of this review come from the initial review I posted on*

Logan Swift has spent her life at her father’s side learning the family business—Swift Funeral Home. She’s seen how the death of a loved one affects the people left behind and has promised herself she’ll never experience that kind of pain. But being alone isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.
Brooke Collier believes she’s responsible for her relationship failures. After a particularly bad breakup, she moves in with her aged grandparents in order to care for them. The last thing she expects—or wants—is the attraction she has to her new next-door neighbor, Logan Swift. As Logan and Brooke find themselves growing closer with each passing day, Logan realizes that trusting in tomorrow isn’t always easy when you deal with death for a living…

Okay, so full disclosure, P.J. and I are “label mates” aka we share a publisher. That said, PJ and I have never met and we’d never chatted until I picked up this book. I wanted to let her know I was reading it. I sort of closed my eyes and pointed at this book, but the blurb sucked me in. Romance. Funeral Home. Yes. Sign me up. P.J. and her leading ladies did not disappoint.

Both heroines were likable. The supporting characters all functioned well and I wanted to know more about them. Logan and Brooke’s hesitations for getting into a relationship made sense. I can’t imagine that dating as an undertaker is easy. People naturally avoid Logan’s profession, so she’s developed a habit of keeping women at arm’s length. And Brooke has been through a really bad break up. Of course they would be apprehensive about jumping into something serious. To make matters more intense and complicated, both heroines lose a loved one over the course of the story.

My favorite part was the actual pacing of the relationship building. It was realistic. I think often in romance the characters almost get together too quickly. This story accurately portrayed the stops and starts that I think are natural to the way people actually end up together. Maybe you kiss once and it’s super awkward. Work and family stuff get in the way. You’re nervous or scared. Or in this book, all of the above and people die. The death and the undertaking aside, this story carries a relatively light tone thanks Logan and Brooke’s personalities and the secondary characters. Logan’s brother Jack is a pretty funny guy.

I didn’t give Trusting Tomorrow a full A because has a bit of that characters-having-issues-that-could-have-been-solved-with-one-conversation conflict going on. Other than that, this story was a kind of just what the Doctor ordered type romance. I think if you enjoy a good, simple romance, you will really like this one. And I mean simple in a good way.

Final Assessment: Should you read it? Yes. Yes you should. A-

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