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September 6, 2013 Links 3

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  • A fairy tale love story in 10 panels.
  • Villainesses in Romance: The Rival, the Evil Vagina, the Bad Mutha, and More! – AnimeJune breaks down your friendly neighborhood villainesses.

    Female villains in romance novels come in a class of their own. For example, it’s fairly simple to pluck a male baddie out of the bargain bin at the Obsessively Misogynist Murderous Rapist Barn to provide some last-minute conflict, but female villains with actual rap sheets are relatively rare.

    But that doesn’t mean that they can’t be effective and dangerous adversaries; female villains tend to be more intellectual, and their weapons rely on carefully-chosen words or manipulations. The wounds they inflict, therefore, are often internal. Instead of attacking a protagonist outright, they’ll simply wear away at their self-esteem, their confidence, their trust in themselves and the world around them.

  • Countdown to the Next Beverly Jenkins Novel: Happy Labor Day! – This blog dedicated to African-American historical romance has some cool posts about African-American history. Plot bunnies, I hope.

    I started re-reading Destiny’s Embrace by Beverly Jenkins to prepare for the release to its follow-up Destiny’s Surrender in 3 weeks. With it being Labor Day yesterday, I thought reading about a heroine who is a housekeeper as timely. Mariah Cooper cleaned up what sounded like a nasty house, washed the laundry, cooked meals and made clothes for a living. As I read on, I started wondering about how African-American women contributed to the Labor Movement. Boy, was I surprised with what I found after a quick search of the internet:

  • Clockwork Heart on Sale Sept. 15 – If any of you read the steampunk-ish romance Clockwork Heart years ago and wondered if she would ever publish the sequel, this is great news. Pagliassotti is re-releasing the book after revising it slightly and the first of two sequels is due out in March 2014.

    If you’re new to the trilogy, welcome! I’ve heard it argued that Clockwork Heart was the first steampunk romance novel to be published. I don’t know if that’s true or not, but I do know that when Juno Books accepted it, the editor wondered in her newsletter of June 2007, “are we launching a new subgenre?” The book won Romantic Times Book Reviews’ 2008 award for best small press contemporary futuristic novel — “steampunk” wasn’t a very well-known genre descriptor back then — so I hope you’ll enjoy the novel that may have been the original steampunk romance!

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  1. SonomaLass

    I admit that I’m excited about sequels to Clockwork Heart. I’m really glad the author has been able to resolve the issues that were in the way.