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September 14, 2013 Links 1

A group of four drawings. Upper left shows a detailed ink illustration of a man with a mustache. Upper right and bottom left shows the artist's child drawing him a body and a tree. Bottom right shows the finished drawing, colored in ink by the artist.
Artist Collaborates with her 4-Year-Old Daughter to Create Amazing Illustrations

  • Tumblr explains the Macklemore hate – This doesn’t have much to do with anything here, but it was too good not to share.

    we’re not mad at macklemore. or— well, we are mad at macklemore, but we’re more mad at the system that prioritizes macklemore over actual queer rappers, over actual rappers of color, who have been saying exactly the same shit for decades and been ignored.

  • Author Sugar Jamison on Romance Novels and a Post-Racial America – Jamison talks about the pressure authors of color are under to write characters that look like them.

    It almost felt like my blackness was being questioned: ”You’re black. Why don’t you write about black people?“

    The simple answer to that is I do. The complicated answer to that is when I sit down to write my books I don’t plan on writing black or white characters. I write the story of the person who is making the most noise in my head at the moment.

  • The Magic Bullet Infomercial Is Actually About Swinging – Now this one REALLY has nothing to do with this blog, but it’s AMAZING.

    What could bring all of these disparate groups of people together in one country house? Why are only some of them coupled? They are clearly not family, yet they are somehow known to one another. They have just as clearly all spent the night in the same house, yet do not appear to have gone on a group vacation.

    What is Berman doing there? Why is he dressed as a down-and-out extra from a Preston Sturges film? Why is he clearly a great deal more hungover than the others? What did Berman do last night? What is Berman trying to forget?

    There is, of course, only one answer. This is the day after a first-timers’ swinger’s weekend, and it’s gone horrible, horribly wrong.

  • WHITE GUY DEFENSE FORCE GO! – This comic is one of the better send-ups of derailing I’ve seen in a while.
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