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September 21, 2013 Links 6

An animated gif of a cat knocking stuff of a table. The text says

So all of book culture has lost its god damned mind and declared it open season on reviewers. The most recent episode is brought to you by Goodreads, who changed their Terms of Service without notice then deleted users’ shelves and reviews. Additionally, they’ve created the following helpful pop-up for authors and plan to notify authors when they get reviews. It’s a recipe for disaster.
Screenshot of a pop up message.
(Text of screenshot reads: Hey, you have some reviews! That’s great news. Goodreads reviews help readers decide to read your book.

Looking to get more reviews? Try a free giveaway.
For more suggestions of great ways to use Goodreads, please see our author guidelines.
For more about how our reviews works, please see our review guidelines.

If you see a review you feel violates our guidelines, please flag it to bring it to our attention. You’ll see a flag icon when you mouse over the bottom right-hand side of the review.)

So, anyways. Links. Here are some links.

  • Important Note Regarding Reviews – Goodreads sent me an email on Friday telling me that they’d deleted two of my shelves and 36 of my reviews. I wasn’t warned about any of this beforehand, or I’d have renamed the shelves and changed some reviews. Sad to say it, but this is the final nail in the coffin for me and Goodreads.

    We have had a policy of removing reviews that were created primarily to talk about author behavior from the community book page. Once removed, these reviews would remain on the member’s profile. Starting today, we will now delete these entirely from the site. We will also delete shelves and lists of books on Goodreads that are focused on author behavior.

  • Dear Goodreads, I am sorry to say I have to split up with you…. – Has from The Book Pushers breaks down Goodreads’ latest misstep and suggests some alternative websites.

    Goodreads, how can I trust you when you delete shelves and reviews willy nilly and without warning. You tell me the reviews were deleted because they weren’t in the spirit of Goodreads?

    What is the spirit? Did some of you drink some bad spirits when you thought this up? Because you’re definitely being possessed by some shortsightedness, and you’ve probably been influenced by Scrooge before he was visited by the ghosts and gained his epiphany.

    So it is goodbye. I will still keep my account open but I won’t be posting anymore reviews.

  • 12 Alternatives to Goodreads – This is half a year old, but it’s relevant once again.

    Since last week’s announcement that Amazon bought Goodreads, many of the users over there are looking for alternative book cataloguing/bookish social networking sites. I’ve gathered several into a list here, with a few notes obtained by poking at them:

  • Dear Goodreads, Kindly GTFO – This post is a bit, um, intemperate, but hell if this doesn’t capture just how I feel.

    You used to be about the reader, and promoted a reader community. Somewhere along the way, our paths diverged, and you stuck your head so far up your own ass, you can see daylight through your teeth. I have to kindly ask if you are this stupid; we work for you for free. Without us, there is no you. No community exists without its community! and LibraryThing are evilly twisting their hands right now in glee at your major fuck-up. Congratulations!

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6 Responses to “Links: Saturday, September 21st”

  1. Penelope

    So, Goodreads is no longer a reader-based social community. It now serves authors and publishing companies, and offers them a place to promote, spam, and erase any negative remarks/reviews.

    There’s just one problem with this brilliant plan.

    When you alienate your readers, and they all fucking leave, then you have NO ONE LEFT TO PROMOTE TO. Because the readers all left and went to another reader-friendly site.


  2. NTE

    I couldn’t believe this nonsense yesterday: the fact that they actually deleted reviews made me livid! I don’t like any of the alternatives nearly as much as I like(d) Goodreads, but I’m going to figure out how to like one of them now, that’s for sure.

  3. willaful

    There could not be a more perfect use of that gif. :-(

    I’m not super thrilled with Booklikes, but since it seems to be were everyone is going, I’ll try it for now. The Reading Room seems to have good features, but no people.

  4. willaful

    P.S. I just can not believe the spelling mistakes I make now that I’m older. *sob*

  5. Jennifer @ The Bawdy Book Blog

    I was feeling a bit peevish when I wrote it. I typically do not drop f-bombs in posts.

    I also didn’t put 2+2 together and realize that they are actually notifying authors when they get new reviews. Which makes me want to vomit all over my laptop. That’s not going to make things hostile or anything.

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