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October 1, 2013 Links 5

Esmeralda in Phoebus's clothes. from Disney's The Hunchback of Notre DameDisney princesses dressed as their princes

  • Bad Sex in Romance Novels – This is looking at character-building bad sex, not funny ha-ha, poorly written sex. Good stuff.

    There comes a time when the flawless pistoning of hips starts to resemble a factory. Failure adds spice and interest, as well as believability, and it makes the happily-ever-afters so much sweeter. So, in the interest of making it all better in the end, let us examine recent historical and contemporary romances which portray sex in all of its awkward, agonizing glory: the painful deflowering, the jackrabbiting, the ouch sex, the mess sex, and the not-even-bothering-to-fake-it sex.

  • Studying How The Blind Perceive Race – An interesting look at how race is constructed without visual clues and how it still matters.

    Obasogie started by interviewing 110 individuals who were blind since birth. His full research on the topic will be published in a book, Blinded by Sight: Seeing Race In The Eyes Of The Blind, that hits shelves in November.

    The professor mentioned that some of the individuals he interviewed took offense at the notion that sighted people would think blind people are unaware of race. And that not being aware of race somehow made blind people morally superior.

    Race factors into so much of our everyday lives, but as the professor discovered, it can mean even more to those for whom skin color isn’t readily apparent.

  • The 3rd Annual Writing in the Margins Contest – Just FYI.

    The 3rd annual Writing in the Margins contest, for writing that brings to life issues of political, social and environmental justice, is seeking short stories and creative non-fiction. Briarpatch is now accepting submissions of original, unpublished writing in the categories of short fiction and creative non-fiction for their 3rd annual creative writing contest– with award-winning writers Shani Mootoo and Marcello Di Cintio as the judges and $750 in cash prizes.

  • Summary of GR’s New Censorship Policy – Goodreads user Amy has compiled an exhaustive summary of the mess Goodreads has made. Lots of links.
  • Strange Horizons – The SFF magazine posted a bunch of Indian fiction, poetry and non-fiction that’s totally worth checking out.
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5 Responses to “Links: Tuesday, October 1st”

  1. willaful

    When I was in college, I was at a party and tried to strike up a conversation with a guy there who was blind. At some point, someone else came over and said something about him sitting with a pretty girl and he went “she is?!” and was suddenly very willing to talk to me. So much for looks not mattering to the blind. :-) He had multiple disabilities, so there was likely a lot of history there, for him.

  2. Ros

    So, in the UK we have a weird thing at Christmas where theatres put on shows that are re-tellings of fairytales. Kind of. And they have slapstick and musical numbers and a lot of audience participation. Traditionally there will be an comic female character played by a man who is the Pantomime Dame. And the romantic male character will be played by a woman who is called the Principal Boy. So anyway, those Disney princesses dressed like their princes look exactly like principal boys. With maybe a bit more hair left loose.

  3. willaful

    I did not even see those! Gotta say, that one of Venelope in the Wreckit Ralph outfit is freaking adorable.

  4. Shannon C.

    The blindness and race article gave me a lot of food for thought. I like that it acknowledges that blind people aren’t immune to looks-based judgments. Blind people are as much products of their culture as sighted people are. I have met blind people who are extremely bigoted and racist. I lived with one once. Of course, she was a white middle class woman in a conservative Southern city, so she certainly had sighted racists to learn from. As for me, I like to think I’m not a raging bigot, but I do have stuff to work on.

    Also, the article mentions blind people touching other people’s hair. I would just like to put it out there that I find that creepy and invasive. For that reason, I still don’t really have a clear idea of what “African American” hair actually feels like. I’ve read descriptions, and I’d rather go without the knowledge than invade someone’s personal space just to satisfy my own curiosity. See also: the myth about blind people feeling faces. I’ve only ever done that with people I have an intimate relationship with.

  5. Laura Vivanco

    @Ros: I know Disney make princess costumes, but I didn’t know whether or not they also make prince outfits. It seems that mostly they don’t (I have to assume they think boys will mostly want to be superheroes or pirates).

    However, thanks to the pantomime cross-dressing tradition, there are Peter-Pan outfits for women. Here‘s a sexed-up version and here‘s a unisex one.

    And there’s this “Fantasy Captain Hook Sexy Costume” too. The cartoon at crotch-level is very, very odd. It’s almost as though it’s meant to be a variation on the vagina dentata.