Links: Thursday, October 3rd

October 3, 2013 Links 3

A  series of humorous messages on a veterinary hospital sign.
  • How To Be A Professional Author And Decent Human On The Internet – An easy-to-follow multi-step guide to success.

    Step One

    1) Set-up a Google Alert for your name. It is important to know if someone is talking about you or your work on the internet.
    2) Make sure you read all your reviews to see if anyone disagrees with your interpretation of the text.
    3) If you see a blog review you disagree with, make sure you correct the reviewer’s misunderstanding immediately.
    4) Do not under any circumstances:

    • Heed the widely held belief that it is generally a bad idea for authors to respond to reviews of their work.
    • Familiarise yourself with the culture of the blog to ensure you understand the context in which the review takes place.
    • Read the review closely and sympathetic to ensure you understand the argument they are making.
    • Re-read your comment to ensure it doesn’t sound patronising before posting.

    5) If the reviewer unaccountable does not find your intervention helpful, apologise but make sure your sincerity is called into question by flouncing off.
    6)Reflect on the views that have been expressed and use this experience to inform your future interactions.
    6) Stew.

  • PTSD AND GENE KELLY’S LOST WARTIME STAR TURN – This combines film, military and medical history into one cool post. It includes the video in the post.

    But now the National Library of Medicine is featuring Combat Fatigue Irritability in Medical Movies on the Web, and the film will be given a well-deserved, though very belated, New York premiere, on October 5, 2013, at the New York Academy of Medicine. Well-deserved because Combat Fatigue Irritability is a richly interesting historical document, a fascinating artifact of its time. And well-deserved because it is a very good piece of filmmaking, very watchable, with a first-rate performance by Navy Lieutenant Gene Kelly, in a purely dramatic role.

  • 2014 Convention Registration – If you’ve been waiting for RT to get its shit together registration site up and running so you can secure your room at the Marriott, the site is now live. I’m going this year for the first time ever, because New Orleans, basically.

    Welcome to the NEW RT Booklovers Convention Website!

    Thank you for your patience as we roll out the new RT Booklovers Convention website. This is where you will find all the latest RT convention news and any updates to the agenda as well as let you know which authors have just confirmed that they will be attending — as it happens!

  • FAQs about Reviews & Shelves on Goodreads – Goodreads damage control is in full swing. I received an email saying they’d send me the data of mine they deleted and Kara posted an FAQ in the feedback forum addressing users’ complaints. Still no site-wide announcement, though.

    Over the last week, we have received a number of questions about what is allowed in reviews and on shelves. In response, we’ve put together some answers. We’re sorry about any confusion, and we hope this is helpful and clarifies our policy.

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  1. Meoskop

    That Kelly link is all the amazing. But dude, that psych freaked me out.