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October 8, 2013 Links 2

An image of two young mixed race boys. One has a head of tight black curls and dark eyebrows. The other has has light blond, tightly curled hair and light eyebrows and eyes.
The Changing Face of America – Photo Gallery

  • The Changing Face of America – Another great look at how we construct race visually and socially.

    The U.S. Census Bureau has collected detailed data on multiracial people only since 2000, when it first allowed respondents to check off more than one race, and 6.8 million people chose to do so. Ten years later that number jumped by 32 percent, making it one of the fastest growing categories. The multiple-race option has been lauded as progress by individuals frustrated by the limitations of the racial categories established in the late 18th century by German scientist Johann Friedrich Blumenbach, who divided humans into five “natural varieties” of red, yellow, brown, black, and white. Although the multiple-race option is still rooted in that taxonomy, it introduces the factor of self-determination. It’s a step toward fixing a categorization system that, paradoxically, is both erroneous (since geneticists have demonstrated that race is biologically not a reality) and essential (since living with race and racism is). The tracking of race is used both to enforce antidiscrimination laws and to identify health issues specific to certain populations.

  • UN-MEMORIZING THE “SILENCE IS SEXY” DATE SCRIPT – This is a few months old, but came across my Facebook feed this weekend. Romance could do with some of this idea of exchanging pressing until no for asking for yes.

    We’ve gotten the idea from movies and magazines that silence is sexy. Ultimate romance means fireworks and fairy dust sprinkling down from the heavens and instilling in us some magical intuition where both people suddenly just know what the other wants. Speaking out loud in full sentences would break the rhythm, ruining the mystical thrill of the spontaneous moment. And GOD FORBID you ask permission to do anything. I mean, come on, major boner killer.

  • First Look: Karis Walsh’s Mounting Danger – A lesbian romantic suspense where one is a mounted police officer and the other a polo player. RS is so not my genre, but this premise has my attention.

    Mounting Danger by Karis Walsh combines a fascinatingly different police story with romance between police officer Rachel Bryce and champion polo player Callan Lanford. Rachel, who’s been ostracized from her fellow officers after reporting a cop and having him arrested, is abruptly put in charge of the Tacoma force’s new equestrian unit, just after the former sergeant was killed. She has an almost impossible task before her: getting the unit ready for crowd control in a limited period of time, while trying to figure out why the dead sergeant had secretively hampered the unit’s training at every turn. Her only hope for success with the mounted unit is convincing Callan Lanford, a wealthy, attractive polo player whom Rachel vaguely remembers from her own college polo days, to help out with training the police officers and their horses.

  • What do your bookshelves say about your personality? – I thought this was a fun little puff piece. I’m a librarian with a conqueror streak. My husband’s an anarchist. Pray for us.

    What can we tell about you just by looking at how you arrange your books? Here are some personality types we have discovered by peering into our friends’ and families’ bookshelves. Hover over the question mark in each photo to see if any of them are you.

  • Instead of more Goodreads updates, I thought I’d share a couple BookLikes pages that I found helpful. Both MandyM and Themis Athena have put together exhaustive lists of how-to guides. Any question you might have about community standards, customization or tips and tricks should have an answer in one of their links.

    Also, you can find us on BookLikes here. We’ll be reposting blog content, shelving what we read and reblogging reviews other users post that fit our mad scheme. It’ll be fun.

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2 Responses to “Links: Tuesday, October 8th”

  1. Liz Mc2

    I thought it was really interesting that the “silence is sexy” piece was written by a lesbian–that these issues don’t go away when you have two women instead of a man and a woman. (It reminded me of discussions of how gender roles and power dynamics don’t–or shouldn’t–become a non-issue in m/m romance).

    Also, why did I start looking at the comments? “But if I *ask* a woman she will think I am weak and ineffectual! Moan moan moan.” I don’t really understand why a man would want to be with a woman who puts him in that position, but whatever.

  2. Beks

    That natgeo piece is really annoying as are the companion bits that have been floating around. bi/multiracial people have been a thing on this continent for hundreds of years. this isn’t new. Also the idea that by 2050, which was mentioned in another natgeo bit, the average person will basically look like Rashida Jones is BS. Racism and the like will keep the races segregated for many years to come. i think the larger issue that is being ignore is that white people are becoming the racial minority in many parts of the country.