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  • Abortion in Romance: A Closer Look – Abortion in romance seems to be a hot topic lately. Jessica takes an in-depth look at a Harlequin Medical romance and what it says about women who choose to end a pregnancy.

    My experience reading Harlequin Medical romance is that they are even more pronatalist than your average romance. These couples always end up with kids, sometimes magically, as when they’re infertile. As the title indicates, Eve becomes pregnant at the end of the book, which seems to be the only way the narrative can close the rip in the heroine’s cloak of femininity caused by the abortion.

    I’ve come to really admire the skills of the medicals authors, and this one was predictably well-written and polished, with believable medical scenarios intertwined with an emotional love story. But when I first read this book, my eyes were rolling over the way the abortion was handled.

  • Cracked Article is Unusual Type of Inspiration Porn – Emily Ladau writes a thoughtful takedown of a Cracked article about high-achieving disabled people that devolves into “inspiration porn.”

    There’s no end to the amount of disability-related articles that pop up around the Internet every day. However, while scrolling through various websites yesterday, I couldn’t have been more surprised to find an article covering disabilities on by Jorden Weir. I distinctly remember that I was introduced to Cracked during my AP Language and Composition class in my senior year of high school, probably during a discussion about pop culture. I used to easily get lost in the site for long stretches, reading one entertaining article after another on movies, current events, etc. Since I would often get a kick out of Cracked when I was younger, I had high hopes that they would portray disability well. I wasn’t too terribly upset by the title of Weir’s article, “5 People Whose Major Disabilities Only Made Them Stronger.” It’s cliché, yes, but it still had potential. Then I began reading, and I didn’t get past the first line before I felt compelled to write a response.

  • Killer whales experience menopause – just like humans – Meoskop found this, and I know it's random, but it's totally cool.

    The dataset, compiled by the Centre for Whale Research in the US, contains birth and death dates as well as details of the genetic and social relationships in two populations of killer whales, which share their menopausal trait with only humans and pilot whales.

    “Our main aim is to understand why these killer whales have a menopause strategy that's so similar to humans. Female killer whales stop reproducing in their 30s or 40s but live until they are 90,” said Dr Darren Croft of Exeter University, a lead investigator on the study.

  • Chelsey Emmelhainz – An Avon Impulse editor tweeted a call for multi-cultural romance. Avon's not my favorite publisher, but this is a welcome sign.
  • Ladies of Reddit, what is one gesture you appreciate that guys don't do enough? – Smexy's Books linked this the other day. I found it equal parts interesting and frustrating. Interesting when women pointed out little gestures they love and frustrating when the men just couldn't stand that the thread didn't ask for their opinion and decided to contribute their stories of what women like. So Reddit is working normally.
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3 Responses to “Links: Saturday, October 19th”

  1. Meoskop

    I love the pic, didn’t realize it was KR, thought is was a soap actor lookaline.

  2. willaful

    “Menopause strategy” is one of the weirder phrases I’ve ever encountered. But then, words used for women’s reproductive issues are generally gawdawful.

  3. Liz Mc2

    @willaful: I thought “menopause strategy” was like the kinds of stuff my college classmates have started sharing on Facebook: “I always keep an extra T-shirt by the bed for midnight hot flashes,” etc. (I hate that I have reached this age).