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October 26, 2013 Links 1

A light-skinned Asian woman in a costume meant to resemble Chinese pirate Ching Shih. She’s wearing a red and black embroidered silk hat, a blue, gold and red embroidered silk tunic, blue cotton pants tucked into tall white socks and blue cloth shoes. She holds a cutlass in her right hand. Take Back Halloween: Ching Shih – This site has “recipes” for Haloween costumes for women who want something more interesting than “Sexy __”. Ching Shih was a 19th century Chinese pirate.

  • It’s Time To Say Good-Bye To TV’s Strong Black Woman -Like the I Hate Strong Female Characters article, this is poorly titled, likely to draw hits. It’s less an indictment of “strong” characters as it is a call to make black female characters more rounded and individual.

    The SBW is an attempt to subvert negative stereotypes of black women: the Mammy, the Jezebel, and the Sapphire, as outlined in Patricia Hill Collins’ seminal work Black Feminist Thought (PDF). In basic terms, the Mammy, Jezebel, and Sapphire achieve satisfaction by serving white people, indulging her own sexual appetites, and emasculating men, respectively. In contrast, Strong Black Women have no needs. It’s dangerous — and dehumanizing — to have such a narrow view of the black woman as a source of support while expecting her not to need any herself.
    Giving black women superhero qualities is an overcorrection that’s simply limiting in a different way.

  • IT HAPPENED TO ME: I’M A PLUS-SIZE COSPLAYER – I would love for creators to have these dedicated fans’ backs for once and tell the dudebros to shut it. No one should have to put up with this, but it seems extra stupid to essentially leave these passionate fans for the wolves.

    Still, as welcoming as this community is, there are instances where it catches you off guard. Did that person just bash that gorgeous Sailor Venus because she’s not white? Did that nice Wonder Woman with the insanely accurate costume get compared to a large animal because of her weight? As a black, plus sized cosplayer, I can tell you that these things do happen. These things have happened to me.

    I’ve been called a whale, have been called “Precious” to compare my weight to Gabourey Sidibe’s. I’ve even had fried chicken jokes thrown at me, since my character “Princess Peach” uses a frying pan. The comment was something like, “She’s carrying the pan so she can make some fried chicken ASAP,” which hits size and race because, of course, we all know that black folks love their chicken.

  • Cosplaying While Black – If you liked the story above, you can find more black cosplayers on this tumblr.
  • The Trifecta of No – I’ve made my hate for public proposals known before, but I’m not sure I’ve ever laid into how much I hate pranks. Naturally, this story – where a woman goes on TV thinking she’s been invited to talk about her women’s advocacy work only to have her boyfriend stage a proposal – is pretty much my nightmare scenario. So, so awful.

    I am so glad no one ever put me in the position of thinking I was going to get to talk about my work on national television, only to have it be a SILLY TRICK so they could propose to me instead. What a fun day! I’m engaged—oh, and I had the hugest disappointment of my professional life as my apparently not-even-real thunder was stolen by the person who loves me. Yay?

    That would make me SO ANGRY. Which is something I would not even begin to know what to do with while there were cameras pointed in my face and millions of people were watching this shit go down live.

  • Blind hockey? Yes, really. Check out this eye-opener – You knew I’d work hockey into this blog someday. The article is swimming in puns and “Wow! How inspiring” but the video is pretty cool.

    A quick perusal of some of the highlights from his organization’s showcase event is, pardon the pun, a true eye-opener. The players, who are all legally blind (between zero and 10 per cent vision) have terrific skills and moves.

    The game is played with an oversized, hollow puck (5.5 inches in diameter) that has ball bearings on the inside. The puck, which moves more slowly than traditional rubber discs, loudly clangs as it glides to help players track its movements. Goals may only be scored in the bottom three feet of the net and one pass must be completed after the center red line before a team can attempt to score. In the accompanying video, the goalies are all essentially completely blind.

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  1. Meoskop

    A local rag was making fun of cosplayers, including a plus size & kids, who attended a small con. The largest con in the area (Florida Supercon) totally went to bat for the cosplayers. Won’t advertise, had a meeting with the paper, etc. It’s not hard to stand up for your customers. Not just good business sense but the right thing for people to do.