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A concrete post painted white. Written in a girly font with hearts scattered around is "You're somebody's reason to masturbate"Life-affirming advice.

  • Abusive Tropes are not Romantic – Fangs for the Fantasy takes on paranormal romance’s problematic relationship dynamics. This post is why I’m not a big fan of the “romance is feminist” claim. It’s often reinforcing patriarchal ideas like a boss.

    Each of these tropes, separately, has some questionable elements and certainly makes the relationships we see over and over again seem, at best, to involve a large power imbalance and, at worst, to be outright abusive. But what is most disturbing is when a number of these tropes come together. These tropes are all common, they’re not one off story elements appearing in a few books; they are story staples.

  • Asian Women Suffragettes in the 1900’s – A quick story on two Anglo-Indian women who played a role in the UK’s suffrage movement.

    Sophia became an active campaigner and fundraiser for Women’s Rights and would often be seen standing on the street corner outside Hampton Court palace selling copies of the Suffragette Magazine. She made many court appearances for non-payment of taxes and in 1911 was fined by the courts for refusing to pay the taxes due on her five dogs and man servant. The courts also seized her diamond ring and auctioned it off. However, the auction itself was attended by many Women’s Rights campaigners, one of which, a lady called Mrs Topling, purchased the ring and promptly returned it to Sophia.

    Sophia Duleep Singh continued her resistance on the tax front and took part in many acts of civil disobedience. She marched at the head of the Black Friday deputation to the Houses of Parliament in 1910, a march that ended with police violence and the death of two suffragettes and took part in the 10,000 strong “Women’s War Work” procession in 1915, led by Emmeline Pankhurst.

  • The secret history of CIA women and their gadgets – Yes, it’s the Daily Mail. I won’t make linking to them a habit. This was just an interesting look at female spies in mid-20th century America. Try not to look at the celebrity gossip on the right.

    Never-before-released Interviews with veteran female CIA officers have given a fascinating insight into women’s lives at the heart of the hyper-male and intrinsically secretive world.
    The four officers, who started as low-ranking typists and ended up in charge of international CIA branches, were asked about what it was like to be a woman working in the CIA in the 1960s and 70s. The riveting conversations were declassified by the CIA on October 30.
    Often facing rampant sexism and stigma, the officers proved invaluable to the agency. On one assignment, an embassy bomb plot was thwarted after an enemy operative divulged secrets to a female agent because she was ‘just a woman who wasn’t very bright’.

  • To Erase Stigma, Advocates ‘Undressing Disability’ – Yeah, I don’t know if getting naked for a calendar is the solution to the dehumanization disabled people face. I guess it doesn’t do any harm?

    “All too often disabled people get ignored and desexualized, even ‘babied,’ being seen as people who just need looking after and not wanting or capable of having an active, healthy sex life and loving relationship,” said Jennie Williams, CEO of Enhance the UK and one of the models for the calendar.
    Williams said her group wants to “change the way society views sex and disability.”

  • Orientation Police – A comic by a gay man about people trying to reorient his orientation after finding out that he dates transmen.
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