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A simple, black and white drawn comic where a woman says to a man, "I had a feeling about you." "A feeling in my ... VAGINA" "We gon' frick." The man blushes is the last panel and says, "okay."Romance

  • SCHOLARLY LESSONS I’VE LEARNED FROM TRASHY ROMANCE NOVELS – This post is defensive romance reader BINGO. See how many cliches you can spot.

    As I plowed my way through countless stories of lovely young bluestockings falling in love with princes and pirates, I was surprised to find that I was learning. The books were surprisingly well-crafted. Believe it or not, it takes considerable effort for an author to churn out 500 pages of bawdy historical fiction without repeating the word “aureole” too many times. It also takes extensive research, an attention to detail, a knowledge of history, and a prodigious vocabulary. Chances were, with every corset that fell onto a parquet floor, the titillated reader would also inadvertently glean some sort of knowledge drop.

  • Don’t Co-Opt My Disorder for Your Plot Device: a Rant. – I want to throw amens, +1’s and QFT’s at this post. When I’m done with that, I want to look up her books.

    And that’s true of any disorder, disease, or lasting injury, not just epilepsy. If you want to write an epileptic character, I’d be happy to talk to you about my experiences, my friends’ experiences. I can direct you to forums with people who will talk to you. If you want to write this stuff, for goodness’ sake, research the emotional impact, not just the physical symptoms and jargon.
    Don’t make me throw my Kindle, and don’t co-opt my disorder for your plot device.

  • Not Helpful: Making kids read The Help is not the way to teach them about the civil rights struggle. – If I was wearing pearls when I read this title, I’d have clutched them. Teaching The Help as an account of the civil rights era is like teaching Fifty Shades of Grey as an account of an ethical D/s relationship. I wouldn’t.

    Like The Help? Fine. The Help is a readable, sometimes charming, sentimental work of fiction, and this is not a critique of its merits as a novel. Want to use The Help to teach about the civil rights movement or the history of American race relations? No. As a work of history, or even historical fiction, The Help is at best a gross oversimplification and at worst a horrible lie of a book. When The Help is used as an educational resource, the terror-filled realities of the time are glossed over or omitted in favor of a heartwarming—and entirely fictional—idea that racial equality came about because white people realized their unfairness and did something about it. The book perversely downplays hard-won victories within the black community by transferring ownership of momentous societal shifts to good-hearted white Mississippians. What kind of historical understanding can we expect of students fed these kinds of fictions?

  • Some cheery Finnish Christmas carols! – Blogs like “Depressing Finland” are what makes Tumblr a magical place. This list makes “Christmas Shoes” and “Fairytale of New York” look like “Jingle Bells.”

    “Me käymme joulun viettohon” (We are celebrating Christmas)

    Song about how we are celebrating the Christmas, eating well and giving each other plenty of presents. In the same time the heavenly child is empty handed and forgotten and, depending how you understand the song, lost or suffocated by the snow.

  • Goodbye and thank you for a great ride – As of January 2, 2014, Reviews by Jessewave is closing its doors. I’m not a big m/m romance reader, and Wave has written some pretty controversial opinion pieces, but it’s always sad to see a review blog go dark.

    In addition to the massive amount of time it takes to run this monster, we have had to upgrade our technology a number of times, with a corresponding exponential increase in hosting and other costs and increased workload pressures to keep it going at an optimum level. It has now become impossible to continue operating without a huge infusion of cash and twice the number of hours we currently dedicate to site operations. I was not prepared to invest additional resources above what Aunt Lynn, Christian and I have been contributing to cover the hosting fees and software costs as it was never my intention for the site to become a business. As most of you know, from Day One I have refused to accept paid ads or charge any fees, opting instead to provide free advertising for authors and their books by profiling them in different ways. The costs to renew the current hosting agreement or obtain a new vendor (along with the time issues) have become prohibitive with no offsetting revenues, so the decision to close, while painful, is the only course of action we feel is available to us.

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