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December 19, 2013 Links 7

Four white guys sit with Santa laid out along their laps. One of the guys dangles a candy cane over Santa's open mouth.Santa and his elves.

  • [Clickbait Headline About Romance Novels and Ladies] – Olivia Waite may be reacting to a post from Wednesday, but she’s nailed every post ever that boggled at romance’s popularity.
    [The paragraph where the writer took thirty seconds to Google some statistics on romance’s popularity and profitability. Refer to these statistics as ‘sobering,’ as though romance’s popularity is some kind of unspecified threat to an equally unspecified safety. Do not bother to actually analyze this data: it is merely there to be a surprising twist, not as a basis for any reconsideration of the writer’s assumptions about romantic fiction.]
  • PAX Will Now Have “Diversity Lounges”, Penny Arcade Says – If you’re not familiar with the webcomic Penny Arcade, they run what is basically THE gamer con. Unfortunately for everyone, the guys behind the Penny Arcade have an acute case of Straight White Male and can’t go a month without doing something vaguely offensive. I don’t even know where to begin with this one.

    The “Roll for Diversity Hub and Lounge” at PAX events in Seattle, Boston and Melbourne will be “a resource for PAX attendees to find information related to issues surrounding women, LGBTQ, people of color, disabled people and mental health issues in gaming”.P

    They’ll also serve as a “resource for for industry professionals and fans to interface in a setting focused on diversity, receive diversity training, learn more about diversity, and meet people from diverse communities”.

  • Intersectional Collisions: “But what if he’s autistic?” – Thinking of PAX made me think of all the sexual harassment complaints at cons and the inevitable defense trotted out to excuse the harasser. This post slays that argument dead.

    I know there’s a lot of bad information out there, but at this point society at large really needs to get it through their collective head that dudes aren’t the only ones who can be neurodivergent. Specifically, women? We can be neurodivergent too. And you can’t always tell just by looking at us. We can get approached by guys – inappropriate, creepy, sometimes dangerous guys – too. (So can people who are read as women but aren’t, actually.) And those people who throw out “but what if he’s autistic” like it’s a trump card, who are willing to burden women with the protection of the feelings of the men who are harassing them, are remarkably unlikely to consider what that burden can mean for a woman who’s maybe a bit, cough, “socially awkward” herself, who has some trouble reading social cues, who isn’t great at navigating novel social situations. This means that, with crushing irony, “But what if he’s autistic?” can even be used to fault autistic women for not rebuffing neurotypical predators with sufficient gentleness and tact.

  • Did You Know That the Amazing Paul Rudd Has Quietly Been Pulling Off One of the Longest Running Jokes in Late-Night History? – I don’t care that this is both random and a little offensive. It made me laugh in unladylike snorts.

    I don’t watch Conan O’Brian’s late-night shows often enough to pick up on this, but someone edited together all of his appearances on Conan’s various late-night shows, and as it turns out, he’s been pulling one of the longest running jokes in late-night history. Every time he appears on Conan, when he’s asked to show a clip for whatever movie he’s promoting, he shows the same one, and it’s never the movie he’s promoting (I won’t spoil the clip for you).

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7 Responses to “Links: Thursday, December 19th”

  1. Evangeline

    I’m more astounded by Paul Rudd’s career. He went from being best known as Josh in Clueless, to being this man-child/Judd Apatow lodestar. Strange!

    As for that IB Times article. Snooze. Romancelandia easily rouses itself and bands together when a man pokes a stick at the genre, but poke a stick at serious issues within the genre, between its readers, writers, and industry professionals? Feet shuffling or shallow kumbayahs.

  2. Roslyn Holcomb

    I’m amazed that Paul Rudd has had enough movies to run this type of gag. I loathe this fixation on the man-child archetype. It has ruined for me what would be an excellent sitcom, Brooklyn 99 with Andre Braugher whom I adore. But can’t stand Andy Samberg.

  3. nu

    Love the first link, “diversity lounge” does come off as an insect display or something, and I like the third link.

    @Roslyn: I love Andy Samberg! Especially now. He’s not targeting the frat demographic, lol. Love Andre Braugher too (I really wish ABC hadn’t cancelled Last Resort!) I think Rudd was more whiny/pessimistic in Role Models (and other movies) than anything, so not really my type of humor. I did like him in I Could Never Be Your Woman and reading from romance novels, lol.

  4. Isobel Carr

    Did you see The Daily Show last night? Stewart did a whole bit about how Rudd isn’t aging like a normal human being (which was slightly less funny than Colbert going off on Keanu Reeves for being the same age as him).

  5. Ridley

    @nu: Death to captchas!

    Akismet generally catches all the spam (I delete hundreds every day in the spam folder) but one or two squeak through here and there. They keep showing up on that Jay Northcote review for some reason.