February Open Thread

February 1, 2014 Open Thread 1

Happy first of the month!

Read a book with a marginalized character you want to recommend? Run across a terrible portrayal you want to warn others to avoid? Just want to rant about the general state of the genre?

Let ‘er rip in the comments. Nothing is off topic, but no promo, please.

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An ice hockey fan from north of Boston and the genre's most beloved troll, Ridley enjoys reading contemporary and historical romance, as well as the odd erotica novel. As someone who uses a wheelchair, she takes a particular interest in disability themes.

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One Response to “February Open Thread”

  1. Shannon C.

    I just finished Heidi Cullinan’s Dirty Laundry. It’s an M/M contemporary small-town romance, and one of the heroes has OCD and anxiety. I can’t speak to the trueness of her rendering of that character, but I really, really loved the fact that she didn’t have the other hero fix the one with OCD through the power of BDSM. The book talks about how much the BDSM is good for him, but he never stops seeing his therapist and his issues are not cured. Also, at no point does the hero who’s the dom fail to ask for consent. Because that stuff was included, and because the author took me inside the heads of both her characters, I thought the result was incredibly hot. Also it had a secondary character who was a positively portrayed trans woman who was awesome and needs a sequel.