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March 25, 2014 Links 3

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  • AAR takes on graphic novels – AAR isn’t really my scene, but this post caught my eye. I didn’t even know there were graphic novel romances.

    I’m very excited to announce that AAR will be reviewing romance graphic novels. We’ve reviewed a few in the past, but this will be an organized effort. What is a graphic novel? Typically, the term refers to trade paperback-sized volumes, sometimes made up of shorter comic books, in which a story is told through images and words (if you’re interested in a theoretical/academic exploration of all of this, try Scott McCloud’s terrific work Understanding Comics). A story can be strung across multiple volumes or told in a single edition.

  • Porn Studies journal publishes its first issue – I’ve said before that I’m a proponent of porn, so I’m happy to see a journal dedicated to its study pop up. It does no one any good to pretend not to notice such a large and influential segment of the media.

    In the introduction to the first issue, its editors-in-chief – Feona Attwood, a professor of cultural studies at Middlesex University, and Clarissa Smith, a reader in sexual cultures at the University of Sunderland – write: “Recent years have seen a resurgence of public discussions (and scares) about a series of pornography-related topics, perhaps most notably the expansions of pornography across the internet, its putative links to rape and sexual violence, and erotic life-styling or the oft-cited “sexualisation of culture.”

    They write that the journal is a “scholarly” response to these discussions and a “labour of love”.

  • no wrong way – I ran across a link to this on Shakesville and thought it gave a good account of the wide diversity of experience among trans* people.

    For years before I came out I struggled with whether or not I was transgender. I didn’t see myself reflected in any of the online communities I found, in the depictions I could find in media, or the few meetings or clubs I attended in quiet terror. So I assumed I wasn’t trans myself. It was only after I launched We Happy Trans that I began hearing a broader range of stories.

    To that end, this is a sample of the kinds of trans people I’ve personally met, talked to, learned from, heard about through mutual friends, or seen in the last two years. It is not intended to be comprehensive or definitive, but rather a glimpse from one specific person’s experience, over a relatively brief period of time, and in utterly random order. I gladly welcome further input in comments & reposts.

  • ABC Family Drops ‘Alice in Arabia’ After Arab, Muslim Protests – If you’d heard of the proposed ABC Family show “Alice in Arabia” and thought it sounded like a terrible idea, you may be happy to hear that it’s been cancelled.

    ABC Family has decided to pull the plug on its recent series order for “Alice in Arabia” after pointed protests from Arab-American and Muslim American civil rights groups.

    The show’s detractors were primarily worried about its depictions of Arabs and Muslims, and its official synopsis gave plenty of folks cause for concern. The drama was about sp-called “rebellious” American teenage girl who’s kidnapped and sent to Saudi Arabia to live with her Muslim grandfather. Its writer, Brooke Eikmeier, is a former army linguist who also worked for the National Security Agency.

  • Julian Fraire Memorial Fund ~ Author Jackie Barbosa’s son – Last Thursday morning, romance author Jackie Barbosa’s son Julian Fraire was killed in a head-on accident on his way to school. He was 16. They have set up a fund in his memory.

    Jackie and her family’s grief is unfathomable to the majority of us. It’s the kind of grief all of us pray to God we’ll never experience first hand. And it’s the kind of telephone call I pray I’ll never have to receive again.

    Authors and writers in the publishing community are rallying around Jackie and her family. They have our sympathies, our prayers and our love.

    I know that the biggest thing I can do for my friend is to be there for her now and always. But there is also something else I’d like to do which is to contribute to the Memorial Fund Jackie and her family are setting up for Julian. Eventually, this will be turned into a scholarship fund in his name.

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3 Responses to “Links: Tuesday, March 25th”

  1. Meoskop

    The AAR / graphic novel thing is interesting. Ironically, that’s the one area of graphic novels I rarely venture. The Harlequin adaptations leave me wishing I’d read the book, and manga is a problem for my LD, reading “backwards” really messes with my brain. There aren’t a lot of US based romance graphic novels, so I am interested to see what they decide to classify as in genre.

  2. Merrian

    Re the graphic novels – it’s interesting because romance comics were commonly read up into the 1970’s. I remember them on newstands here in Oz. A few years ago I bought a collection called ‘Agonising Love: the golden era of romance comics’ by Michael Barson that collected a bunch of US examples from the 40s & 50s. They’re interesting for the vintage clothes and for how they can be quite moralising or didactic and about solving issues and problems like difficult in-laws, materialism, the bride whose husband returns from war with permanent injuries who needs to get over herself.

  3. nu

    Yeah, there was a hashtag, #NotYourStockMuslim, that arose from that Alice in Arabia discussion, where people were posting, “I have tattoos,” etc. It seemed like a tag asking me to wave my pop culture interests to prove my moderateness…