Links: Thursday, May 15th

May 15, 2014 Links 1

A graphic of book covers depicting caucasian men's torsos lines the floor

Walking The Man Carpet

  • Ridley is off at #RT14 – So I’m up at bat this week. I look forward to reading her experience. RT culture is pretty off putting to me. I’m a killjoy though, so get on with your bad selves! Eat all the things! L’chaim!

    If you see me struggling with something and want to help me, please ask first. I’m not shy about asking for or accepting help, so I’ll answer truthfully. If I say I don’t need help, I’m not just being nice. (I’m never just being nice.)

  • Entitlement, Much? – You’ve seen the piece by a Nice Guy Stalker trying to make Cutoff Culture happen, now read Captain Awkward’s rebuttal.

    Domestic violence springs from a sense of contempt and entitlement towards women. Men who abuse women don’t think that women are entitled to their own needs, feelings, opinions, and personal space. They think women exist to be emotional caretakers and nannies for men, and that when they fail to put men first, it somehow constitutes “violence” that must be contained and retaliated against. Sound like anyone we know?

  • Walking While Fat And Female – Courtney Meaker discusses the reality of walking home from work.

    Me walking home at night or in the day time (harassment isn’t just a nighttime activity) is as safe as you driving your car home, by which I mean, it’s inherently dangerous. Everything has risks. But walking while fat and female – that’s apparently the riskiest of all, dude.

  • Transforming Fandom: Reinventing Sherlock Holmes – While this piece from The Collective is a little wordy, it does make me wonder what Romancelandia will look like when fan favorites fully enter the public domain

    Knox’s essay is celebrated as a “cornerstone of Sherlockian literature” (Diogenes Club) by scholars. In his essay, Knox discusses the inconsistencies of the text, questions the legitimacy of the timeline, and mentions a correspondence between himself, his club mates and the author. Typical fandom behavior, yes, but 100 years before Tumblr, Twitter and the internet gave fans the opportunity to easily participate in a transmedia conversation about creative works.

  • Fuck The Patriarchy – Everyone is linking to Wine & Marble’s story of Clare, the homeschooled student who ran full force into rape culture and was evicted from her prom. They’ve added an update from Clare if you haven’t seen it.

    You are a person, with a soul, and with potential and with purpose, and the way that other people treat you, should never be based on how you dance, or dress or talk. You are a person, I am a person, is it really too much to ask that we be treated like people? Talked to as equals? As responsible adults who get to have opinions and likes and dislikes too? How is it that what I look like and how I dress constitutes the level of respect you give me?

  • APAHM Feature: Courtney Milan – This link to Limecello’s blog skews dangerously close to author promotion. I’m including it because I appreciate Milan’s honesty about her book selection process. Plus, she took the pledge at a much high level than I did.

    I realized that I can’t wait for a book to jump in front of my face. If I want to read diverse books, I’m going to have to actively search out authors of color. So in 2014, I’m reading one author of color for every book I read by a white author.

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  1. cleo

    Excellent links, as usual. Thanks especially for the Captain Awkward link – can’t believe I’ve never read her before.