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May 20, 2014 Links 1

DC Comics character Green Arrow grimaces while tears run down his faceBrad Pitt Fails To Attend RT14, Practices His Beer Toss Instead

  • The Backlist Is Not The Back Seat – We’re all completely sick of this one, right? But then I thought, maybe some of our readers are not on Twitter. So from Bibliodaze an explanation of why hyperbole is not your friend.

    We as a society where the voices of white people (as well as straight, cis, able bodied and so on) are amplified the loudest are prone to making the most ridiculous and insulting of comparisons. Such is the curse of privilege.

  • The Value Of The Backlist – Radish Reviews has a guest post explaining why the backlist is a good thing, unlike comparing things that are not civil rights issues to… civil rights issues.

    A frontlist book is a big risk. The publisher invests a bunch of money in the production costs and marketing, and then either the book earns out the investment or it doesn’t. Sometimes it earns out, but takes years to do it. Even with bestselling authors, there’s an inherent risk. But if a book goes into regular reprint? Becomes a steady selling book in the backlist? THE MUTHAFUCKING MOTHERLODE, KIDS.

  • RT’s Giant Bookfair – Courtney Milan tries to explain what led to the bizarro posts that led to the above links but as usual people who were not present failed to use their inside voices and people who were present got drowned out.

    It’s really uncool to appropriate the struggles of minorities to describe a voluntary choice to get 70% royalties on digital books. I don’t really want to have that debate, though, because I have Been There Before and it Rarely Does Any Good.

  • Not A Duke In Sight – Historicals have allegedly taken the top spot on Romanceland’s endangered list. Pamela from Badass Romance searched RT14 for proof of their existence and came up short.

    Everyone (including me) has been tweeting pics of the elevator dudes — but it’s not just the elevators. On the main conference levels, no architectural feature had been left unadorned. Floors, walls, even windows! And curious special laminated round table tops.

  • Racism is far more than old white men using the N-word – The Guardian has Gary Younge pointing out the obvious. (Be aware the N-word is present in full regard in the article). It’s fish in a barrel, but it’s not about RT14 so that’s a win.

    By privileging these episodes – outrageous as they are – racism is basically reduced to the level of a private, individual indiscretion made public. The scandal becomes not that racism exists but that anyone would be crass enough to articulate it so brazenly.

  • WW1 Officer Marries Nurse Who Wanted Him Dead – (The Officer’s Murderous Mistress? Marrying The Murderess? Love’s Dagger Thrust?) It’s been a heck of a day for me so this adorable story about bilingualism endangering a man’s life was heartwarmingly perfect.

    Having survived the war, Oldham married Heather Orloff in 1919, and the couple went on to have three children. They later emigrated to Vancouver, where Oldham managed the British Trade Centre and was awarded a CBE. He died in 1973, followed by his wife five years later.

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  1. Roslyn Holcomb

    I’m just going to ignore the latest issue of “Every Goddamned Thing on Earth is the New Black” because, yeah, I’m sick of it. But yeah, the use of the word “backlist” as a perjorative is just bizarre and frankly plain stupid. Any author with a functioning frontal lobe knows we live and die by our backlist. And I’m glad I read that article because it explained something that had confused me. I got the rights back to some of my older books last fall and self-pubbed them. I wasn’t expecting much, but good grief, they sold like hot cakes,even though I didn’t even push them all that much. So yeah, a new cover does propel new sales. I didn’t realize that was the reason, but now I get it.