September Open Thread

September 1, 2014 Open Thread 7

Happy first of the month!

Here’s what we read in August:

Read a book with a marginalized character you want to recommend? Run across a terrible portrayal you want to warn others to avoid? Just want to rant about the general state of the genre?

Let ‘er rip in the comments. Nothing is off topic, but no promo, please.

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An ice hockey fan from north of Boston and the genre's most beloved troll, Ridley enjoys reading contemporary and historical romance, as well as the odd erotica novel. As someone who uses a wheelchair, she takes a particular interest in disability themes.

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7 Responses to “September Open Thread”

  1. cleo

    I read Something Worth Fighting For by Lena Matthews and enjoyed it, although not quite as much as Beks (the villain was too over the top for my taste, especially compared to how realistic the other characters felt). I am happy to find another author who writes good guy, non alpahole heroes.

    I also read (the self published) Return on Investment by Aleksandr Voinov. I read this one specifically because I knew one of the secondary characters is a trans man, as is Voinov, and I was curious. The book, which is not a romance, didn’t completely work for me (Sunita’s DA review covers it really well) but I still enjoyed it, despite its flaws.

    (I have a feeling Voinov is on some of LITM’s readers’ avoid list because of the Riptide / Belongingverse debacle, and I respect that – decided to post this anyways because of the transgender character, even though he doesn’t get his own romance.)

  2. Ridley

    I’ve read just about fuck all lately, but I think I’ll be able to get the new theme going on the live site sometime tonight, so that’s fun.

  3. Liz Mc2

    I read the Piper Huguley novella, THE LAWYER’S LUCK, on my vacation. It is rough in some ways but I found it interesting (I’d pretty much agree with Jayne’s Dear Author review, and Sunita made similar comments in her review of the novel). The hero is very religious but this didn’t bother me as I didn’t find the book itself preachy, and unlike in some historicals, he seemed plausible as a person of faith *in his time* (pre-Civil War US). One thing that intrigued me was the reflection on how marriage could be seen as a form of enslavement for women of the time: the hero wonders whether he will be doing the heroine any favors by proposing to her. Will she be truly free as his/a wife?

    I liked reading about ordinary people, too. They sure aren’t rich, and life will continue to be difficult for them.

    I hope Huguley keeps writing and ups her game. It was an imperfect but promising debut with a really different historical focus.

  4. rameau

    @cleo: I’ve read both Belonging ‘verse books ages ago. I liked Voinov’s but not Haimowitz’s. I like Voinov’s solo work better, but he seems to prefer co-writing with other authors. Which is another way of saying I might give Return on Investment a chance when I’m done with the brick that is Atlas Shrugged and couple other library books.

    @Liz Mc2: I bought and started The Lawyer’s Luck ages ago but got distracted. I’m feeling sorry for myself now because it would have made a good review for LITM.

  5. cleo

    @Rameau – if you try it, let us know how you liked it. I forgot to mention before, it starts out very dark. TW: suicide attempt and rape. See the comments on the DA review for details.

    @Ridley – congrats on the upgrade. It looks great on my phone.

  6. willaful

    I’m reading The Best Boy Ever Made, which is a kindle freebie right now. The writing is pretty bad, but it is an interesting story: very conservative Catholic country girl finds out her best friend is FTM transgender, and they fall in love, pre-transition, which is not something you see every day. It’s been low on angst so far, but I’m only about 60% through.