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A Wondermark comic. A woman and a man are talking. The woman mentions that she dislikes sea lions. A sea lion then shows up to insist she debate with him and explain her position.

A comic about (men on) Twitter.

Today’s Links:

  • Tuesday Talk-Time- Romance Sans Frontières – Shoma Narayanan talks about writing and reading romance as an Indian woman.

    So – romance in different cultures. It’s something I’ve thought about a lot in the last three years, ever since I started writing. My first book was also the first Indian romance to be published overseas, and I’m so thankful my editor, Anna, didn’t tell me that the book was going out of India – if she had, I’d have botched it up completely, trying to ‘explain’ India between love scenes.

    Anna’s British, very patient, and a complete sweetheart to work with – she read through pages and pages of notes where I’d tried to give context to things like why my super-hot, alpha male hero would consider an arranged marriage. Then she gently explained how the story could work without bringing in the parents, neighbours and the whole extended family plus dog.

  • On limited purpose public figures #notchilled – Courtney Milan writes a bit about how Jaid Black/Tina Engler has no reason to think she’d win this suit, adding to the feeling that the point of filing it at all was to intimidate critics.

    I point this out because I am extremely, extremely pissed off about this lawsuit. I believe that this lawsuit was filed for the purpose of chilling speech–and for the purpose of chilling true speech about a matter of imminent public concern. And I think that despite the outpourings of support, it’s working. This lawsuit is about teaching authors to sit down and shut up, even if their livelihood is at stake.

    And I can’t blame people who do sit down, and who do shut up as a result. Because the truth is, knowing that some blowhard will spend $3,000 to put together a shitty complaint to threaten you? That you’re going to have to pay an attorney to fight that bullshit suit, and that if you want a good attorney, that might cost you well into the tens of thousands of dollars? That’s going to shut up a lot of good people. Even if they know they will prevail at summary judgment because it’s a bullshit complaint, having to pay an attorney sucks, and it sucks balls.

  • Warning: Classless Post Ahead – EC author Lissa Matthews shares her experiences with delayed payment and other problems.

    When authors say they haven’t been paid monies received by Ellora’s Cave, they are telling the truth. I’m going to just about guarantee that there’s not several hundred dollars sitting in an account earmarked for Lissa Matthews that’s come in since May. If there is, why have I not seen any of it? This is something my accountant wants to know as well.

    Some of us depend on royalties from publishers. Some of us are the sole providers and some of us simply provide supplemental income to our households. But regardless of how we spend our royalties, when we don’t receive them for 30 or 45 or 60 days or more, that fucks with a person’s life and livelihood. Several of us have had bills that are late, some have received eviction notices, had utilities cut off, etc… For me, I use mine for bills, for groceries, for clothes for my son, for pets to the vet, for coffee, for conferences, to by promo.

    I haven’t been able to do any of that since the last check I received.

  • DON’T DO THIS EVER (an advice column for writers): “On Wednesdays, we wear pink” edition – This is yet another post about EC vs. DA, but it also lays into Jamie McGuire, which is always called for.

    Jamie McGuire is a #1 New York Times Bestseller of contemporary romance. Or YA, if that’s the award she’s trying to win. She believes that if you don’t like her books, you’ve never lived a hard life. And that reviewers should focus only on the parts of a book they enjoyed, and that negative reviews attack the readers who enjoyed the book. (Screencaps from She writes books that sound even more horrifying than 50 Shades of Grey. She’s also been known to whip her devoted readers into a frenzy to attack people who have criticized her, and it truly doesn’t seem to matter how many or how few followers these reviewers and bloggers have on social media. You got 300,000 readers? McGuire will go after you. You got 30? She’ll still be at your door.

    It’s no secret in the romance publishing world that McGuire and Jane Litte from Dear Author are never going to sit at the same lunch table. McGuire has accused Litte of being an opportunistic stalker, and Litte appears to get a kick out of poking McGuire. You get those stories from the links further up. So when news broke this week that publisher Ellora’s Cave was suing Litte and Dear Author, readers saw through one of McGuire’s tweets

  • Introducing The Butter: Roxane Gay Is Coming To Stay With Us – Roxane Gay and Mallory Ortberg working at the same media company is nothing short of amazing.

    You cannot possibly understand how bad I am at keeping news to myself, nor what a toll keeping this particular news took on my frail and mortal frame, but please share in my joy: Roxane Gay is coming to The Toast, where she will be running our very first vertical, The Butter. She’s officially starting on October 15th, and there will be plenty more details to come, but in the meantime please join me in dancing excitedly about the room.

    What is a vertical, exactly? Oh, it’s a bit hard to describe — it’s part of our company, but it’s also its own thing. Think of it as the FX to our FOX. Wait, is FX owned by FOX? I ought to know this. You’ll be able to visit it here. If you were raised Christian, think of it as part of a Trinity; eternally begotten of the Toast, God from God, Light from Light, true God from true God, begotten, not made, one in Being with the Toast.

    What will this particular vertical be like? WHATEVER ROXANE WANTS IT TO BE.

    Would you care to be more specific? Roxane says it will “focus on cultural criticism and personal essays that make readers think and feel.”

  • The Indianapolis CYO Won’t Let Girls Kick Field Goals, For Some Reason – I’ll never understand adults who want to ruin kids’ fun for no good reason. Get a life, people.

    “There’s no question she’s got a leg. She could kick for a number of varsity high school programs in the area right now,” said family friend and former college kicker Eric Malm, who grew up kicking with Lucia in their Hamilton County neighborhood.

    Then came Sunday’s game.

    Two-for-two, with plenty of distance. Better than the debut of most high-school, college, and even pro kickers. Her coaching staff and male teammates were more than supportive. After the game, Lucia led the post-game prayer and chant. Everything happened the way it’s supposed to happen, the kind of the scene that gives one hope for our society. Almost too good to be true.

    Because, well, it was.

    Lucia’s coach received a call sometime after the game. If she played again, her team would be forced to forfeit. She had been ruled ineligible to play by the Indianapolis CYO, simply because of her gender.

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