My Port Overfloweth: All 800 Of Ships From The Fall TV Lineup

November 3, 2014 Movie / TV, Opinion 7

The fall television season is officially on. I say it’s official now because Elementary is back. I’ll be completely honest and say that I’ve been pretty out of sorts since Mike Brown was murdered (I may have mentioned that before). On top of that, Dude and I moved, so it’s been hard for me to read and write. Instead I’ve been watching lots of TV to pretend to numb my mind to things like racially-motivated homicide. A lot of the shows I watch involve love in some way shape or form. Or they just include couple that I want to see doing it. Ahhhhh yeah. Here’s a semi-comprehensive list of the relationSHIPs I’m rooting for.



They cut this from the episode ’cause character development, blah blah whatever.

Sleepy Hollow – In this order:


Jenny/Big Ash

Katrina/Headless (without his head or a shirt)

Ichabod/Caroline (my she rest in peace)



This show is a fucking mess right now, but I live for Nicole Beharie and Lyndie Greenwood so I’m willing to put up with a whole lot for them.


How To Get Away With Murder – No one. Everyone this show is screwed up and scary or really douchey.

Gotham – I can’t with Gotham. It should be called Bland White Men Acting Poorly. I almost slept through the first episode, but then BAM! Detective Montoya shows up and her and Barbara Gordon have history. They’ve been bumpin’ tacos and Montoya shows more emotion for Barbara then Bruce showed when his parents were killed. I know Gordon and Barbara have to get married and give birth to Batgirl, but I wont be mad if Barbara and Montoya strike up their affair again, for two seasons at least. Then Montoya needs her own lady love. I ALSO SHIP Fish and the new singer gal she hired.


bvq725piuaa8bzw-largeLegend of Korra – We’re moving right along with the final season. Season 1 and 2 saw Mako run through every available girl in Republic City, all two of them. He cheated on Asami with Korra, then flat out failed to show up when Korra was going through major avatar shit. Mako sucks. Everyone knows it, so in season 3 the writers threw Korra and Asami together for the whole season and wouldn’t ya know it, but they were freaking awesome together. The Avatar needs an equal and Asami has totally proved that she’s the girl for the job. But homophobic parents and the children will somebody please think of the children its okay to end season with a murder suicide, but Bisexual cartoons are a huge no no. Anyway, there’s a rumor that Mako and Korra will somehow be the canon OTP for the show. Barf. I’ll be shipping Korra and Asami forever and ever.

Vampire Diaries – I’ve never seen this show, but I saw something on tumblr with Bonnie and Damon and it looked cute so I ship them now. Shut up. I can totally do this.

SelfiejnkLet’s talk about John Cho and how fucking cute John Cho is. I am so glad he got the lead on this show because I love John Cho. I’ve only seen Karen Gillan through gifs on tumblr, but she is hilarious as Eliza and her a Cho have a great natural chemistry. The writing is building their relationship at the perfect pace. HOWEVER, I’m not sure how the do this beyond one season, because Henry is already starting to catch feels and it’s not even time for the Thanksgiving hiatus. Either way, I ship em.


The Flash – I know that Barry and Iris are supposed the canon OTP and I know that Felicity isn’t technically on this show, but last week she came to visit Barry and the gang and I am such a sucker for nerds being nerds and being adorable together while they’re at it. I do ship Barry and Iris, but he can hang with Felicity until she is inevitably killed off by some fault of Oliver’s, and Iris dumps her blond cop boyfriend because he’s on the take and she realizes that Barry is really the man for her. I’m desperate, if you can’t tell.

Arrow  – I kind of want to punch Oliver and his man pain in the face right now. I ship Felicity and herself. Or Felicity with anyone who will give her the respect she deserves without all the bullshit and games.

JanenRafJane the Virgin – I love this show. I love this show. I love this show. I love this show. I ship Jane and Rafael. I ship Jane and her writing career. I ship Xiomara and Rogelio. I ship Luisa and Rosa. I ship Alba with her lord and savior, Jesus Christ.


Scandal – OMG, this fucking show. I ship Huck with his wife and I ship Olivia with someone who doesn’t treat her like crap.  That’s it. Everyone is horrible and everything hurts.


Joan-Watson-Lucy-Liu-on-a-date-with-Andrew-Mittal-elementary-s3ep1-reviewElementary – It’s canon that Watson end up boo’d up so I was wondering how they were going to do this. Last season I shipped her with her fellow surgeon friend and actual Disney Princess, Anika Noni Rose, who played Dr. Carrie Dwyer. Carrie only popped up on two episodes, but she was smart and interesting, and her and Joan clearly cared about each other. Yeah, yeah they could just be friends, but where the hell is the fun in that. This season they’ve introduced possible forever boo in the form of Joan’s neighbor’s brother, Andrew (Raza Jaffrey). He’s cute and he brings her things in the park and honestly the fact that he’s not white is promising. (not all IR relationships have to include white people. I’m just saying) I am totally okay with Andrew being Joan’s forever boo and I’m also looking forward to the scene where he tells Sherlock he’s not going anywhere so he might as well get used to it. :D

In the spring I’ll share my thoughts on how these couples have progressed and all the naked butt action that’s sure to air in the second half of Outlander S1.

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7 Responses to “My Port Overfloweth: All 800 Of Ships From The Fall TV Lineup”

  1. AnuK

    I LOVE Jane the Virgin. It’s my favorite new show. It’s hard not to compare it to Ugly Betty because it’s another adapted telenovela. But I think it also shares UB’s bright optimism and care for its characters. Even at it’s most soap-opera-ish deviousness, JTV, like UB, just makes me happy. I hope it has a looong life (and that Jane and Rafael make more beautiful babies together, obvi).

    I like your shipping of Korra and Asami and am of meh on Mako/Korra. M/K just don’t fit for me. I have a hard time seeing Mako with anyone, tbh, because he was so immature the last time around. But Asami and Korra have always had a sense of purpose and seriousness that Mako lacked, so I love the idea of them together.

    Shonda Rhimes – everyone on her shows is hateful, and I can’t root for anyone. And yet I can’t stop watching. I even came back to Grey’s last year because of Christina Yang. And now I can’t leave. *loathes self* But still though, Jake is super hot.

  2. Nu

    Jane the Virgin is charming. Was not expecting to like something with such a goofy premise, but the writing is funny and almost real. And optimistic, like you said, Anu.

    Anyone watching The Knick? It’s awesome. <3

  3. Beks

    @AnuK: Shonda knows how to bring the drama, but EVERYONE on her shows is in a semi to full blown abusive relationship. she writes drama and not romances so i get it but DANG!

  4. Beks

    @Nu: I saw the first episode of The Knick! I can’t wait to watch the rest of it.

  5. Meoskop

    @Beks: That’s the thing with me and Shonda – I want to like her shows but I can’t hang in. There’s so little breathing room, just characters getting punished!

  6. Nu

    @Beks: I love that they show the science but also the racism and sexism of the time. It’s what Gotham is trying to be when it tries so hard to be edgy. Also, it feels ridiculous watching Baby Batman ordering everyone around.

  7. Meoskop

    I would totally ship Ichabod / Caroline. But alas.

    ANYWAY – how good is Jane The Virgin? I mean really!! And it feeds right into my feelings about the power of non-erotic romance as well, because Jane has the most feels going on with the least Showtime moments. I love Xio so, so, so much. So much. I want Xio to win big.