Let’s Read A Damn Book

November 26, 2014 Opinion 12

Ia black man and woman embrace on a pink and pastel cover, she looks toward the viewer, he looks only at her hate publishing and everything in it. After everything that’s gone down lately one of the LAST things I wanted in my mailbox was NetGalley urging me to use #ThanksPublishers to express my gratitude to publishers who use digital arcs. That is one suck-up-a-thon too far. Instead of exploring the multitudes of fail I find in this invitation, let me instead return to something I used to really like – reading. On a complete whim I purchased Deborah Fletcher Mello’s The Sweetest Thing and I will review it the first week of December. I know nothing about this book or this author. I do know that her book is on Kindle Unlimited, so if you have that you’re good to go. Let’s read this thing and talk about it and forget about every aspect of the literary world that doesn’t directly involve reading.

In other news – Remember when Edith Layton’s daughter asked what we thought about covers? SBTB has a follow up on that here. Scroll down toward the bottom of the post. I find the concept of posthumous publishing fascinating – as soon as we both have time Susie and I are going to chat about that and I’ll share the outcome. Not in a “How do you do this” kind of industry way, but in a “Dude, is out of print obsolete?” kind of way.

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12 Responses to “Let’s Read A Damn Book”

  1. Liz Mc2

    Hey! I bought this a couple of weeks ago more or less on a whim, too. I’m in. It has politics and religion as well as cupcakes, and it was on a Best of 2014 list–at Publisher’s Weekly, I think?

  2. Meoskop

    Really? I’m not kidding – I didn’t even read the blurb. Let’s shoot for Friday on getting my take up – that gives anyone on board a week to read.

  3. Ridley

    I just grabbed it, too. It looks like a small-town contemporary but without that element of “homogeneous, white communities are more wholesome.”

  4. Liz Mc2

    @Meoskop: Crap, no, it’s the second book I have and where the heroine is Muslim, and her dad and the hero are both running for mayor. But I’ll get this one and read both! (I have such trouble with romance titles).

  5. lawless

    Your Comment Here…@Liz Mc2: I hate how most romance titles aren’t distinctive. They all blend together after awhile.

  6. willaful

    Got it, will try to find the time. Just started A Bollywood Affair and am very wrapped up.

    A warning: the Smart Bitches post spoils the big surprise in The Duke’s Wager. I’d avoid if it you haven’t read the book and want to.

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