March 9, 2015 Links, Reading Guide 4

A collage of covers of books by black authors.

Being Black every day makes Black History Month a little strange. I mean, we’re making history 365, baby. But I wanted to do something to commemorate the month in Romance Lit. There’s been a lot of talk about Diversity in Young Adult lit and Diversity in Romance, but so far, outside of the conversations between authors of color ourselves, most of the marketing pushes have been for white romance authors that who include characters of color in their stories. This is a step in the right direction, but there also needs to be move in the publishing industry toward giving authors of color equal publicity and equal shelf space.

In the month of February I used the power of my blackness to highlight black women who are writing romance with the hashtag #BlackWomenInRomance. Here’s the list so far. I will definitely be adding to it in the months and years to come.

Alyssa Cole

Nana Malone

Sugar Jamison

Victoria H. Smith

Lena Matthews

Yvette Hines

Yolanda Wallace

Minx Malone

Literary Stud

Feminista Jones

Holley Trent

Angie Sandro

Piper Huguley

Tanai Walker

Fiona Zedde

Melissa Blue

Ambrielle Kirk

Gina Prince-Bythewood* (screenwriter/director)

Shelly Ellis

Beverly Jenkins

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4 Responses to “#BlackWomenInRomance”

  1. Anna Richland

    Farrah Rochon (so many! so good!)

    Jamie Wesley (I enjoyed Tell Me Something Good, from Jill Sorenson’s recommendation at the end of 2014).

  2. lawless

    Deborah Fletcher Mello (The Sweetest Thing and others)
    Tina Perez (Sharing Space)
    Sharon Cullars (Filthy Lucre and others)

    I submitted these names earlier with links, but that seems to be stuck in moderation.

  3. cleo

    I was going to add Mason Dixon, but then I realized it’s a pen name of Yolanda Wallace.

    I’d like some recommendations for AA writers who write heroes who are regular, good guys. (I have a strong allergy to controlling, alpha male types, which can make finding new authors tricky.)

    Examples of my taste – I’ve read books by Nina Perez and Lena Matthews and I liked their heroes. The hero in the only Beverly Jenkins I’ve read was a little too pushy for my taste.