How was your summer?

August 7, 2015 Uncategorized 9

Hey guys, missed you! As you’ve likely figured out, Love In The Margins went on an unexpected break this summer. We know you’ve been seeing other blogs and that’s ok. We weren’t here for you the way you deserve. Let’s get back together!

Here’s the problem – several of our founders are down with career (good) or medical (bad) issues. In my case I’m looking at a long term relationship with Inflammatory Breast Cancer. Fun, right? Here’s what we need from you to come back sooner, rather than later.

Love In The Margins seeks five to six new reviewers who believe in diverse romance, can speak from a minority perspective, or otherwise feel like a good fit to our mission statement. Reviewers select their own books and choose their own topics. LITM is not a blog that requires we share an opinion but we do share a belief. Romance for all of us. 

Please consider joining us if you’re review experienced or review curious. We are a blog aimed at readers. To that end, we don’t host blog tours or participate in giveaways. Books  are not babies. They’re a consumer product our readers are considering buying. Help them decide!

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Meoskop's first non-compulsory book review was in 1973. Although a hit with the 3rd grade, concerns raised by the administration necessitated an extended hiatus. Reviews resumed in 1985 but the concerns are ongoing.

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9 Responses to “How was your summer?”

  1. cleo

    Welcome back (and I’m so sorry you have IBC – I can’t think of anything non-trite to say, except that sucks and good luck).

    I’m not in a position to volunteer but I’m looking forward to reading more at litm.

  2. SuperWendy

    Just retweeted this – I hope you’re able to sign on some more reviewers! I’ve enjoyed reading this blog and have missed you guys over in this space.

  3. willaful

    Well, I’m a freakin’ dumbass. I was just wondering what the hell happened to LitM and thinking of sending a DM… and completely failed to put the pieces together. I’ve really missed it… good luck moving forward.

  4. Laurie

    Although I’ve only lurked here, I love this site and missed your posts during the summer. I’m so sorry to hear about your health issues, Meoskop.

    I would love to review for you. I am “review curious” (lol), but do have some writing experience. I feel a little awkward being all “here’s the diversity hand of cards I got dealt” and “here’s my qualifications as a reader/reviewer” in comments, so if you still need reviewers and would be so kind as to email me, I’d be happy to email you back a brief bio. Thanks!

  5. Meoskop

    .@Laurie: Thanks to everyone reaching out publically and privately! Hopefully there will be a new schedule soon. Unfortunately, my health is still in freefall, so I am unlikely to participate.

  6. Bona

    Glad to see you back. But not about the bad news. I wish you the best luck. I cannot help you with the reviews, but I’ll keep on coming here, with the little support I can offer.

  7. anon442674

    Just stumbled onto your blog recently. Very sorry to hear about every-one’s health issues, am fairly certain I can relate. Don’t know if you’re still looking for reviewers, but would like to help if I can. Have posted a few times on Amazon – IR, fiction, erotica, movies, etc. – and think my perspective is unique/ rare/ unexpected (or, you may hate it, in which case sorry). Either way, thanks, and feel better soon (2 weeks ’til TGIT, yay!!)

  8. Anna Richland

    I am so sorry to read today about Meoskop’s passing. I wish I had seen this update earlier to post a message she would have read – but hopefully people who knew her in real life, including the rest of LITM, will be reading messages here for her.

    I always enjoyed her take on the books she read, and her voice in group discussions was challenging and pushed me to dig and think more. I think that what I took away from her contributions to this blog was that I ended up asking a lot more ‘why … ‘ when I read (and by extension when I write too) – why do I think that? why do I read or not read that?

    I’m really sorry to read about her struggle with cancer. Through the internet, a lot of people knew her and valued her –

    – Anna