Commenting Policy

Love in the Margins aims to be a safe discussion space without needing to swing a banhammer. Consider the following as a how-to guide for participating in the conversation without putting your foot in your mouth in front of god and everyone.

  1. Profanity is fine and dandy, but oppressive language is not.
  2. If you feel compelled to argue that “It’s only fiction!” and that we’re making a mountain out of a molehill, don’t.
  3. Any comments where the underlying argument can be described by a Derailing for Dummies entry will be soundly mocked.
  4. This is a blog, not a bakery. Anyone looking for cookies will go home with an empty stomach.
  5. We’re just a bunch of fans discussing books as a hobby. Not only are we discussing books and not the authors who wrote them, we don’t have the clout to ruin anyone’s career. White knighting for your favorite author is unnecessary.