Review Guidelines

For Readers:

Although all of the reviews here follow a similar format and share a grading system, this is a group blog. We will disagree with each other from time to time, sometimes quite vigorously. One person’s C book might be another’s F and one reviewer might love a portrayal while someone else wants to set it on fire.

If you think we’ve got it all wrong, feel free to fight about it in the comments. Ridley’s totally into that.

For Authors:

If you would like to offer your book for review, we’d love to hear from you, provided that you understand where we’re coming from.

  • This is something we do as a hobby. We can’t promise we’ll find the time to read your book and ask that you don’t take that as a judgement of your work.
  • We can only accept ebooks for review as we’re not all in the same country.
  • We’ll be more likely to read a book that falls within our purview. *as described*. We primarily read romance and erotica, but also read some SF/F and general fiction with strong romance elements. We’re especially interested in books featuring marginalized characters and/or themes.
  • The only guarantee we can give you if we do read your book is that we’ll review it honestly and thoughtfully. There are no cookies for trying and you may not like what you hear. Please only submit your book if you’re OK with this possibility.
  • We’re currently not interested in blog tours, giveaways or author interviews.

If you feel your book would be a good fit for us, please get in touch through our review request form. Because of the volume of requests we receive, we only respond to the requests we accept for review. Thanks!