A Guide To Our Tags

After a recent conversation about the merits of ethnic tagging we’ve decided to make a few changes. From now on we will be tagging the ethnicity (as we can determine it) of the main leads as well as any dominant side characters. It’s a work in progress so we’re open to additional input at the linked post. (Do we use Hispanic or Latino?) For example:

Phantom Waltz
Tags: Catherine Anderson, M/F, WM, WW, Disabled Heroine, Paraplegia, Western, F, Kill It With Fire

The Millionaire’s Ultimate Catch
Tags: Michelle Monkou, M/F, BM, BW, African-American, Black Romance, Adoption, D Plus, Daddy Issues, Haiti, Harlequin, Kimani

Lakota Dreaming
Tags: Constance Gillam, M/F, BW, NDNM, African-American, Lakota, Debut Author, Interracial Romance, B, Working Class, Multicultural Romance

Some Commonly Used Abbreviated Tags

Sexual Identification
M/M – Male / Male indicates a book with a primary romantic relationship between two men.
M/F – Male / Female
F/F – Female / Female
F/F/M – Polyamorous relationships would be described this way. A triangle would not.
Bisexual, M/M, M/F – this would be a triangle with two couples.

Ethnic Identification
BW – Black Woman, in a lead position. Black Heroine.
BM – Black Male
NDNM – Native American (or possible Aboriginal, Inuit) Man
NDNW – Native American Woman
DW – Desi, or South Asian Woman. (Pakistan, India, Sri Lanka, etc)
DM – Desi or South Asian Man
WM – White Man
WW – White Woman
HLW – Hispanic / Latina Woman
HLM – Hispanic / Latino Man
MEM – Multi-Ethnic Male
MEW – Multi-Ethnic Woman
AM – Asian Male (not South Asian)
AW – Asian Woman

Ethnic tags may be further clarified with other tags. for example, a book tagged NDNM would include (if the author has specified) their nationality, for example Lakota. A HLW may also be tagged Mexican-American or Cuban-American if so indicated. A character may also be tagged with multiple ethnic tags if they identify that way.

Religious & National Identification
Because Christian or non specific faith is a strong default in the romance genre characters will only be tagged if they deviate from that default status or if their faith is a major component of the book. In that case a character may be tagged Hindu or Muslim or Vicar Romance or another descriptive.

The national identification of characters will only be tagged if there is a compelling reason to do so. A book about a Duke is likely set in the UK. The book will not be tagged with their region. A contemporary American romance will also not be tagged by state unless we happen to feel like doing it. National tagging is more likely to be used for books set in less common locations, such as India, Mexico, Spain, Italy, Iraq and the like.